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Thread: Wanted: RUST FREE p-body (shadow or sundance)

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    Wanted: RUST FREE p-body (shadow or sundance)

    Looking for a CLEAN shadow/sundance to purchase; primarily worried about a clean shell but would also prefer a sundance versus a shadow but if the deal is there Okay with buying a dodge. Power options/a turbo a plus but not totally necessary. Have roughly $2000 to work with but may budge depending on the condition of the car. Must be able to drive home to Wisconsin with no issues!

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    Re: Wanted: RUST FREE p-body (shadow or sundance)

    Are you still looking for a p-body? I was thinking of selling my 1991 Shadow ES convertible, 2800 bucks, factory turbo 1 auto so it has the 150hp 210 lb of torque engine setup. Power windows, locks, mirrors, tilt, cruise, air. Always stored inside never seen winter. The underside is gray not rusty.

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