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Thread: Wrong Valves Installed?

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    Wrong Valves Installed?


    In theory, what would happen if G-head valves were installed in a Swirl head?

    Just finished re-ringing my GLH and after reassembly, started it and getting horrendous lifter tick... pulled VC and found all 4 exhaust followers were loose.

    Using PT lifters, with my shims ranging between 0.132" and 0.135", MP 767 cam, MP Sintered Iron follower, had this assembled before in this same head, and a g-head, no issues. took this current head to machine shop to have guides replaced and valve job, now my exhaust followers are loose.

    replaced lifters with another set of PT's i had, same issue.

    Would Bathtub valves installed in the swirl head cause this?


    Thank you.


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    Re: Wrong Valves Installed?

    Yes, the bathtub valves are shorter than the swirls. So your installed height is going to be all wrong.
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    Re: Wrong Valves Installed?

    Pulled head and valves last night... G-head valves...

    new valves ordered and to be delivered tomorrow.

    thank you,

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