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Thread: Pentastar hood ornament question.

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    Pentastar hood ornament question.

    About the pentastar hood ornaments. I have one that's crystal looking but has weather / age cracks visible in it.

    Were these ever available in real crystal or were they all glass?

    Information on them seems to be hard to find on the


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    Re: Pentastar hood ornament question.

    I read somewhere they were all crystal till 1983, the Cordoba body Imperial was the last car with one.

    you could try to remove the oxidization with a headlight restore kit / plastic polish.
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    Re: Pentastar hood ornament question.

    1981 Imperials were Cartier Crystal then later they changed to plastic

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    Re: Pentastar hood ornament question.

    The one on my 1983 Chrysler may have been glass, though it certainly was not plastic. I can't recall the model of it though. It was a stretched car, 4" longer than the normal K. Equivalent to a Dodge 600?

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