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Thread: For Sale, Must GO, 1987 GLHS #850

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    For Sale, Must GO, 1987 GLHS #850

    Date: 21st March 2018
    Username: bholland
    Full Name: Brian Holland
    City, State, Zip: Charlotte, NC 28012
    Contact: (, 704.493.9521)
    Selling or Wanted Price: ($4,000 OBO)

    Very nice project car. It has tons of extras.

    Short block is an 89 Common Block with forged crank, turbo 2 connecting rods and cast pistions. Came out of an 89 Lebaron.
    Enforcer 1 cylinder head is built from a 782 cross drilled (swirl) cast and comes with stainless steel stock diameter valves with a 5 angle competition valve job with back cut, chrome moly retainers, upgraded valve springs with steel shims, new MP valve seals and locks, FM 475 camshaft, high RPM lifters, high RPM rockers, and followers. The cylinder head also has the intake and exhaust bowls ported.

    A-568 manual transmission with gears from an 1992 A523 or A543 (3.77 finaldrive) axles, shifter, cables, and bushings, (17mm spline input shaft)

    Neon stock clutch package and aluminum flywheel, which is 10 lbs lighter than stock.
    Quaife Limited Slip Differential

    MSD 6AL-2 Ignition Control (6421) (9/2012)
    Magnecore 8.5mm ignition wires
    Magnacore Master Blaster 3 coil
    4 NGK GR5 spark plugs
    Modified Distributor with Cam sensor (9/2012)

    Turbo crankcase vent filter
    5-bolt 89-92 2.2 Aluminum under drive pulley
    silicon hoses
    Turbos Unleashed Billet Aluminum O-Ringed Thermostat Housing
    1996 Neon alternator
    Adjustable Cam Sprocket

    Garrett GT 3582R
    *Ball bearing, 82mm compressor wheel, .70 A/R compressor cover, 68mm turbine wheel, external wastegate, water cooled, Standard T3 rectangular turbine housing flange.
    Turbo 2 high pressure custom adjustable wastegate actuator and bracket
    Turbos Unleashed turbo oil and cooling lines and fittings.
    AMS - 500 (2 stage) boost controller Boost Controller

    3 K&N conical air filter with polished aluminum turbo inlet piping
    52mm throttle body
    Ported and powder coated 1988-89 turbo 2 (2 piece) intake manifold
    PIT Really F** Loud (RFL) Bow Off Valve (BOV), releases up to 25psi

    255lph fuel pump in tank
    Fuel Filter (replaced 11/2010)
    50lb per hour fuel injectors flow matched at 528cc @ 80% IDC at 43.5 psi.
    TU Billet Aluminum Fuel Rail
    Universal Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

    Ported turbo 2 exhaust manifold
    Turbos Unleashed 3 inch swing valve and downpipe
    3 inch stainless steel exhaust, no catalytic converter
    3 inch Aero muffler (sounds really tough, not like a Honda)

    Turbos Unleashed TII/TIII/TIV 2.5 Core aluminum radiator
    High efficiency Garrett front mounted air to air intercooler (24 long x 8 high x 3.5 thick), 13.8lbs, 600 HP capable bar and plate type
    3 Universal polished aluminum intercooler tubing with turbo hose connectors and clamps

    Nitrous Express wet nitrous system 35-75HP (55hp) with RPM/WOT switch (RPM set at 4200-5600)
    Nitrous Express 10lb Bottle
    Nitrous Express Bottle Heater with pressure transducer and gauge

    Heavy duty front right motor mounts and left transmission mount
    Energy suspension control arm and front sway bar bushings
    Strut tower bar
    4 Koni adjustable coilovers
    Front (8 tall, 2.5 diameter , 275lb springs)
    Rear (9 tall, 2.25 diameter, 225lb springs)

    Equal length shafts (using a large spline/small spline intermediate shaft)
    2 Toyo Proxies R888 225/45/16 100 tread wear on the front
    4 16x8 XXX 6 spoke rims
    4 Kuhmo Ecsta AST 205/45R-16XL tires (400 tread ware) (2 on the rear, 2 spare)
    4 15x7 Centruron rims (needs polish) with 4 BFG 205/50/15 Gatorbacks (extra)

    Front 11 1991 Spirit RT Brake Assembly (Calipers, Rotors, Knuckles (machined to fit), bolt in wheel bearings, semi-metallic pads)
    Rear Stock Drums
    Rotors, Calipers, and drums are painted with eastwood silver caliper paint

    Big Stuff 3 SEFI (Sequential Fuel Injection)
    Big Stuff 3 WBO2 sensor
    GM 3-bar MAP sensor (8-2011)
    GM Charge air temperature sensor (9/2012)
    GM Coolant temp sensor (9/2012)
    GM Automatic Idle Controller (AIC) (9/2012)
    Autometer 100psi Fuel Pressure Sender
    Autometer 100psi Oil Pressure Sender

    2 Innovate Motorsports XD-16 52mm universal digital gauges (AFR and Boost) in A frame pod.
    Innovate Motorsports LC-1 Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Controller
    Innovate Motorsports Wideband oxygen sensor
    Innovate Motorsports Wideband oxygen sensor (extra)
    Innovate Motorsports LM-3 Multi sensor auxiliary input device, which measures:
    1. RPM (Revolutions Per Minute)
    4. Boost up to 29psi
    5. Acceleration
    Innovate Motorsports SSI-4
    1. Coolant Temp
    2. CHT (Charge Air Temperature)
    3. Fuel Pressure
    4. Oil Pressure

    A frame gauge pod (grey), holds (2) 53mm gauges (AFR and Boost)
    Grey carpet put in 3/05
    Seats are clean (no stains), CS emblems needs re-stitch
    Momo leather gear shift knob

    Currently the car runs great except it has an overboost issue at the moment that I don't have time to troubleshoot.

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    Re: For Sale, Must GO, 1987 GLHS #850


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    Re: For Sale, Must GO, 1987 GLHS #850

    Sorry, my account is not allowed to upload pics. I'd have to send them via e-mail.

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