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Thread: Our 1985 Buick LaSabre limited CE.

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    Talking Our 1985 Buick LaSabre limited CE.

    Met this car when it was brand new and it was instant love for me. It was delivered to my future mother in law Feb 2 1985, but had been ordered from Belford Buick Davison Mi. on December 18th 1984 Mom's birthday was 12-20.

    Mom was funny about things so when the car got 50,000 on it she said it was old and was afraid of it breaking down so stopped driving it and would not even ride in it with my father in law.

    He had retired by the time the LaSabre had 50,000 miles on it so he would tell mom to drive his car to work at AC Spark Plug in Flint, or he would take her and then pick her up.

    The LaSabre became dads old car which he loved and drove on earrons or just go for a drive while mom was at work. He passed away in Nov. 2009 and I started trying to buy the car summer 2010. Mom would not sell it just let it set in the garage with me hooking the battery up and starting it to run for an hour or so.

    Finally in August 2016 mom relented and sold the car to my wife and I . It had been put out of the grarage in2012 so the oldest daughter could store things in the garage when she moved in

    Paint got pretty bad so we have it being painted from bare metal up and should be finished the end of Feb.

    We recieved a Trophy with it at the Sandusky Mi Fall show for the most orginal 1985 or older car truck.

    We attended a car show or cruise just about every week end during the summer.

    Also have a 1993 Dodge Stealth RT to work on when spring arrives and see if I can get it running for the summer shows.


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    Re: Our 1985 Buick LaSabre limited CE.

    I'm a thinking this may not be the place for me!!!!!
    Any way have ther Buick at the paint shop and should be finished soon.

    Going to take some elbow grease to clean up this motor and compartment.

    Maybe some one will reply before I leave.


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    Re: Our 1985 Buick LaSabre limited CE.

    O.K. I'll bite!!

    I like the RWD GM B Bodies, I have a 1981 Parisienne with a 400 SBC, originally a 305.

    I see yours has the Olds 307, nice Engine!!

    Actually you have a very nice car, Buick chrome wheels are among the nicest factory wheels.

    David Dunbar would be proud!!


    There is no logical reason to call an Engine a motor.

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