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Thread: Removing chrome windhield trim to re-seal windshield (L-body)

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    Removing chrome windhield trim to re-seal windshield (L-body)

    With some heavy rains this last week, I noticed that there was water getting into the cabin of my Rampage and found that it was coming from the top of the windshield. So, I need to take off the chrome trim and see if I can figure out sealing it up so at least it's not leaking from there (several spots at the bottom, where the body is rusted badly? probably can't do much about those quickly...). How is it held in, and how do you safely remove and reinstall it? Thanks!

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    Re: Removing chrome windhield trim to re-seal windshield (L-body)

    The windshield reveal molding on your L Body is held in with clips. You can find a reveal molding tool at any decent auto parts store or auto body supplier.

    If you Google 'Removing reveal molding trim' You'll probably find some how-to videos.
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    Re: Removing chrome windhield trim to re-seal windshield (L-body)

    Use care to not put too much pressure on the edges of the glass. If you crack the windshield, replacements are NOT easy to find.

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