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Thread: 2nd gen minivan dashboard in 1st gen?

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    2nd gen minivan dashboard in 1st gen?

    Hey guys, I really love the look of the 94-95 minivan dashboards. I would love to swap one into my 1990 minivan. I want to convert to the 92-95 electronics as well. I have a spare 92 TI SBEC-II ECU. The reason for wanting to go with the 92+ wiring and electronics, is because I'd also want to have the digital cluster in there, which requires having a BCM and a premium one no less. I already have the minivan digital cluster, as well as a bunch of two and six button travelers I'd love to graft in, plus I want the fancy traveler overhead console.

    What I am not certain of, is whether the physical mounting points between the two dashes are the same. Once I unbolt the old dash, does the 94-95 dash bolt right in? I know the old dash is comprised of a few large parts: top section, bottom section, metal structural skeleton. If I remove all the components from a junkyard minivan, will they bolt in?

    A few things that I'm aware of and could use clarifying:

    1. 91+ steering column needs 91+ rack (or does it?)

    2. No 92+ turbo engine bay harnesses. I would love to have the newer relay/fuse box. Is my best option to find a 92+ 2.5L minivan and convert it's harness to turbo? Add a few extra pins to the SBEC connector?

    1984-1990 dashboard:

    1991-1993 dashboard:

    1994-1995 dashboard:

    Thank you guys for any input you have to offer.

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    Re: 2nd gen minivan dashboard in 1st gen?

    might be best to hit the junkyard with a hammer and prybar. break the dash off of a 94 and a 89 van. and take a look. there are some shots of the bare firewall on my old vans page.

    the wiring will be a nightmare with the BCM involved.

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