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Thread: 1991 Spirit R/T no fuel, no spark, no start

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    1991 Spirit R/T no fuel, no spark, no start

    Spirit R/T shut down on highway. Towed home and checked out no fuel, no spark. Fuel pump doesn't prime when key is turned to run position. Engine cranks freely. Replaced ASD relay, no difference. Installed extra computer (Stage 4 from Cindy) to see if it made
    difference, and it didnt. Installed new crank position sensor, new coil, and used but known to be good cam
    sensor, with no difference. Borrowed scanner and used to the best of my ability. No codes, and system check of all relays came back good. Saw fuel line pulse as relay was actuated. All fuseable links seem to be fine. I'm stumped...

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    Re: 1991 Spirit R/T no fuel, no spark, no start

    coil good? did you check timing? are you getting power to the fuel pump? will it start with ether/brake clean?

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    Re: 1991 Spirit R/T no fuel, no spark, no start

    Ignition switch? Injector harness connection?
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    Re: 1991 Spirit R/T no fuel, no spark, no start

    Spent a lot of time with this problem last summer with my T3.
    As many people here told me , it was a bad ground.
    1 wire going into the ecu would ground out. Searched and cleaned as many connectors as I could.

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    Re: 1991 Spirit R/T no fuel, no spark, no start

    With the scantool connected, do you see RPM when you crank the engine?

    Have you verified that the timing belt did not jump?

    Does the fuel pump come on at all when you key on?

    Assuming you are not getting spark or fuel, that implies that the engine is out of time (ie. timing belt has jumped/stripped.) Does the engine crank evenly does the speed audibly wander in RPM (sign of timing belt problems.) You should have the fuel pump run for a few seconds at key on, but not turn on after that.

    A Noid light can be used to confirm that the injectors are getting pulsed. A shot of starter fluid can allow it to fire if you have spark but not fuel....

    A failing MAP sensor can allow it to fire during crank but not during run (ignition key position.) or prevent the engine from starting at all... Might try disconnecting the MAP sensor and see if it starts or tries to...

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    Re: 1991 Spirit R/T no fuel, no spark, no start

    Just a thought. Did you look at the asd connector terminals closely for corrosion? They are open to the elements. Even if the brass connector looks clean; where the wire is crimped to the brass connector underneath is usually terrible. I had this same thing happen to me years ago. Plugged new asd relay in and nothing changes. Pulled the wires out, replaced connectors and SOLDERED. Fired right up

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