Date: 13th October 2017
Username: CFBJr
Full Name:
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Contact: 240-205-0690 or
Selling or Wanted Price: Best offer

Description: 87GLHS Project Car
I am avery motivated seller of my GLHS. It is currently disassembled but I have allthe stock parts plus tons of extra stuff. Here is a very incomplete list ofparts and condition.
Thecar is 100% rust free and has a paint job that could not be duplicated for lessthan $5000.
A568-transmission built in Chryslers tool room with a Weismann (built forShelby) Posi traction. Axles and shifter for a L-body that came from a wreckwith less than 5000 miles.
Lotsof turbo two engine parts including multiple two-piece manifolds, blocks, rods,cranks. Modified oil pans, rebuilt rods, Chrysler experimental tall block turbotwo rods.
Allthe custom suspension parts used on the Omni from Hell. I designed all thoseparts.
Mandrelbent stainless two and half inch exhaust.
New inthe box super sixty cam
15x7.5ACT wheels with Yokahoma tires
Twonew aluminum flywheels
SuperSixty engine wiring harness
I havenot participated in SDAC in some time, but Barry Miles and Pat Culkin are goodfriends and know the condition of the car and parts.