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Thread: Throttle cables.

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    Throttle cables.

    Wondering if throttle cables are 4 cylinder specific. Turbo specific. or body specific.

    My cable is shredding on a turbo van.

    Just looking at options.
    can i use a daytona cable? rock auto has cables listed . but id rather get oem.

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    Re: Throttle cables.

    Not sure probably more year and throttle body specific. The 84-87 Turbo 1 cars used a certain cable, the 87 Turbo 2 cars used a different cable and the 88+ turbo 1 and 4 cars used another. I don't know if that cable was different than the 3.0 V6 cable at all but they're similar since the TB and throttle cable bracket are similar. I used a 3.0 Cable on my 87 ShelbyZ when I move the TB with a custom upper plenum setup and didn't need such a long cable.

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