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Thread: H body Window Seals

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    H body Window Seals

    Not sure if this has been asked recently or ever, but is there anything someone has found to replace the window track felt? That seems to be the worst part of the windows, but wouldn't mind replacing everything if there is an option. I know I had spoken to Greg (omni-potent) a while back about these, but haven't seen anything.
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    Re: H body Window Seals

    Kind of wondering about this myself.

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    Re: H body Window Seals

    You may want to ask Andy. I believe they were offering these, but they plan to close. I'm guessing there is a very small supply of them left.

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    Re: H body Window Seals

    We only had replacement window sweep kits. Similar to the ones we had for Shadow's. We are all out of Lancer sweeps.
    As for the window sash, those are going to be tough to find. When you do come across a good set, read the window removal procedure in the factory service manual prior to doing the work. The H Body doors are not easy to get apart or intuitive.

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