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Thread: Alternatives for discontinued Chrysler part numbers.

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    Alternatives for discontinued Chrysler part numbers.

    The intention of this thread is to provide one place to gather factual knowledge of proven alternatives for Chrysler part numbers that are no longer available.

    Alternatives meaning part numbers that are not actually intended/sold as being a direct cross reference but are otherwise close enough in fit/form/function ect to work in a safe, reliable and satisfactory manner.

    ARP, other automakers, regular aftermarket ect. Anyone is welcome to contribute.
    There are a few threads like this already going on the site, more directed towards a specific category like T3, transmission, electrical. This one being more generic in nature to cover anything engine/chassis/body.



    ARP 400-8014. 8 valve exhaust manifold studs. Stainless Steel, 12 point nuts.
    Toyota Supra turbo PCV valve 12204-46020
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    Re: Alternatives for discontinued Chrysler part numbers.

    thanks for that ^

    I've had to whittle the nuts off so many ex manni's with a small worn down dremmel cut off disc ....

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