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Thread: R5 Camshafts Are Back In Stock!!! TWO DAY SALE AS LOW AS $250!!!

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    R5 Camshafts Are Back In Stock!!! TWO DAY SALE AS LOW AS $250!!!

    The New R5 Roller Camshafts are now in Stock and shipping.

    The Sale Price from now until Midnight Friday is $300. Frequent Buyers Club Members get an additional $50 off.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wayne Hemingway used our R5 camshaft in Mean Mini to capture the record for quickest Non-Nitrous Chrylser Mini-Van in the 1/4 mile. Watch his Van go here:

    For an open discussion regarding the specs look to the following link for specs and details.

    For those of you who are interested in being part of the TU Frequent Buyers Club click below. You may already be a member and not even know it.!!!

    There will be more specials to come throughout the year as Turbos Unleashed celebrates it's 20th Anniversary.

    Chris Wright
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    Re: R5 Camshafts Are Back In Stock!!! TWO DAY SALE AS LOW AS $250!!!

    There have been a couple other threads with some feedback tidbits, and i think i've posted some in my build threads.
    But, to put some comments here i would rate my experience as being happily surprised at the performance of my combo at the boost level I'm running.
    I have not been on the dyno yet, due to always having the next little tweak or upgrade just keeping me from going on the rollers before i make the improvements i wanted.
    The van has bested 11.77@113. And the best mph has been a 113.44 all at 25psi. Coupled with TU's cast iron header and TU GT3076 DBB turbo, and a big valve Menegon head (entire build combo assembled and cam degreed by Brian Slowe) the 2.5 pulls hard right up to my shift point. It really likes the revs. According to logs, it hits peak boost around 4000 rpm (A413 has high stall converter).

    I look forward to pushing her a bit harder as i work out a stronger wastegate actuator capable of achieving higher boost levels.

    I've already contacted TU to get one of these, as I'm anxious to have one ready for Slugmobile's eventual rebuild and return!
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