As some of you know, I had a 1985 LeBaron convertible that I stuck a nice turbo II engine in after the 2.6L Mitsubishi developed cracks in 3 of the 4 combustion chambers. I had picked up in trade for a Dell Win95 laptop a turbo I engine from a 1987 LeBaron sedan. After cleaning all the oil slime off it and opening it for inspection, I found I had a turbo II service long block with a production date cast on the block of 1-8-88. I freshened it up and reassembled it using ARP fasteners. Put it in using 87 Daytona electronics along with a two piece intake and adjustable FPR, all courtesy of a friend. Long story short, it was totaled by a Mercedes-Benz ML320 in 2009 (when it was Daimler-Chrysler).

I had acquired a 2006 2.2L TBI convertible from the same place I got the engine as a parts car, now it will become the replacement. One of the problems with a 31 year old convertible is rust, lots of it in the "floor". Damn near a Flintstone flyer! As soon as I can figure out how to put pictures in this thread I will. Dash is being changed to a 1989 J-body for the nice electronic analog gauges (K-cars had two choices, limited analog or digital). I also found a 1992 Imperial EATC unit, no vacuum used so I grabbed that so I don't have to contend with vacuum leaks.