looking at my two G heads one the later small port and one a 655 , I've noted that one side is significantly curved as it leads into the valve bowel

I've read that one side requires a little more grinding than the other so I presume this is what I'm looking at

it seems the only reason for the curve is to get the port around and behind the intake manifold bolt

so the first question is how much can I grind out of that side of the port

the next question, is there any water jacketing between the ports
I know there water along the bottom of the head as the lower exhaust studs go into water
feeling the thickness between the intake port and exhaust port I would think not but I'd like to be sure

next thought is eliminating the existing intake bolt holes entirely

Iturbo posted a pic of his hillborn mechanical fuel injection set up - it has three bolt holes
two above the port and one below (if I remember correctly)

so it would require holes drilled in the rail between the valve cover and the port and one below the port - that I'd suspect would also hit water below the intake port

reason for eliminating the existing intake manifold bolt holes is the intake I'm considering fabbing

I want to use a pair of Jenvey 30mm thick throttle bodies
these fit the webber side draft foot print and include a bung for the fuel injectors right on the throttle body
they have a 45mm throttle bore diameter , same as the side draft carbs
and are only 30mm thick

I'd like to keep the intake runner length short , really short at 2-3 inches and the reason for eliminating the intake manifold bolt holes at each side of the port is to try to make the port rounder thus reduceing the pinch of the port with regards to the throttle body bores

if I thread some aluminum rods into the bolt holes I think I could get much closer to the existing bolt holes without worrying about the threads actually being able to hold the intake on without pulling the sides of the ports out due to being way to thin at the bolt locations

there isn't much reason to try to make the ports actually round as the webber bore spaceing is less than the spaceing of the intake ports so there's going to have to be a curve in the runners to get from the TB's to the ports
additional note , the existing webber carb manifolds do not fit with a TU header/manifold as the steped design of the exhaust manifold interfears with the lower carb bolt hole position on the little webber manifolds
#1's port would work but as the exhaust manifold gets thicker or bigger around at each port the interfearance gets progressively worse at each port

- they would however fit with the factory manifold and would probably fit with the TU manifold if I made an intake manifold to head spacer between 1/2 - 3/4 inches thick (this could well be the best method)
this would move the lower carb bolt location out past the center of the hump that is the top of the TU manifold "log"

expensive stuff but really nice stuff..