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Thread: 3.0 vehicle

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    3.0 vehicle

    I am trying to purchase a 2nd generation stratus or sebring the problem is how do you tell which one has the 3.0 engine.I know that the 8th digit is R for the 2.7 engine which most of them have.But I have been told to stay away from this engine.Most online ads read V6 with no engine pics.Any help would be nice

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    Re: 3.0 vehicle

    Open the hood? Lol

    3.0 only came in the 2-drs, and the 4-drs and verts only had the 2.7.
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    Re: 3.0 vehicle

    Quote Originally Posted by Force Fed Mopar View Post
    3.0 only came in the 2-drs, and the 4-drs and verts only had the 2.7.
    Easiest way to tell right there. The 2-door cars were Mitsubishi platform, so those got the 3.0L. The 4-door cars were Chrysler platform, so they got the Chrysler engine, the 2.7L.

    Not for nothing, the people I know personally who have had later-model 3.0L V6's have praised their reliability. My old college roommate bought a brand new Stratus R/T coupe in 2004 and had zero issues with it up until he sold it with over 200k on it. Nothing more than regular maintenance.
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