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Thread: 1989 Daytona C/S- heavily modified, tons of extras

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    350+ HP 1989 Daytona C/S- heavily modified, tons of extras

    Date: 11th September 2016
    Username: laserxe84
    Full Name: Justin Fournier
    City, State, Zip: Ann Arbor, MI 48103
    Selling Price: $2,500

    Description: I bought this car in stock form (with no engine) @ 100k miles in Phoenix in 2002. It was my 4th turbo G-body. I was told it was an Arizona only car and it appeared to be pretty solid. Most of the modifications were done '02-’03. After the initial build I moved to Michigan, and the rust just exploded after a couple years- the floorboards, rockers, doors... The paint also just flaked away (quality Chrysler white). I didn't attempt to keep up with the body degradation, just wanted a solid drivetrain. In 2010 I was tired of stretching clutch cables from the 'racing’ clutch I installed, so I upgraded to the TU clutch set- great clutch. I then also added the TU fuel rail & regulator, cold-start injectors, line locks, oil catch can, and replaced the steering rack. I’ve put less than 500 miles on it since then. I've put $15k into it. It hasn't been dynoed, but it pulls harder that a 366HP Dinan M3. It's going as a package deal, all or nothing.

    1989 DODGE DAYTONA C/S, 2.2l TII, 140k miles


    • All work performed by ASE/BMW Master technician
    • Short block machine work performed by Koffel's Place (renowned Mopar machine shop)
    • O-ringed block, 1989 TII common block
    • Forged crank, 1989 TII
    • Connecting Rods, 1989 TII, corrected and fitted to pistons
    • JE Forged pistons, full-floating, 0.020" oversized, fitted to block with torque plate
    • Forward Motion Enforcer 3 cylinder head, race porting, large valves, etc
    • Roller Camshaft, 1989 TII
    • Forward Motion race 2-piece intake manifold, enlarged elbow, 52mm flange, all ports matched
    • Throttle Body- 52mm, 1987 Mopar V6
    • Two TII Intercoolers mounted in front bumper, piped in parallel
    • Blow-off valve- first generation Talon, modified to Handle 30 PSI, K&N breather filter
    • K&N Cone Type air filter
    • Forward Motion turbo header kit (no longer available from FM)
    • Turbonetics Super 70 Turbo, GN compressor, 0.63 A/R Chrysler turbine housing
    • Forward Motion complete 3-inch Stainless Steel Exhaust (with test pipe and cat)
    • ND Performance custom calibrated 4-Stage '89 2.2L TII SMEC, Super 60 based calibrations
    • Cooling fan for SMEC, wired to ASD relay
    • 3-bar MAP Sensor
    • Walbro high-pressure 255 l/hr in-tank fuel pump
    • TU billet aluminum fuel rail
    • A/N fuel line and fittings at rail/regulator
    • Accufab adjustable fuel pressure regulator and gauge (mounted on strut tower)
    • Mopar Performance 53 lbs/hr fuel injectors (+40%, Super 60)
    • 2 cold-start injectors, plumbed with aluminum lines, activated by 2 Hobbs pressure switches
    • Ignition Coil- MSD Blaster 3
    • Secondary Wires- 8.5mm, Magnecore
    • Spark Plugs- NGK, V-Power, GR5 (2851)
    • Radiator- 1989 TII
    • Anodized aluminum thermostat housing
    • Forward Motion underdrive pulley
    • 1987 A555 GETRAG geared transaxle, overhauled, drain plug added
    • Chrome-moly transaxle bearing support plate
    • Quaife limited slip differential
    • TU Ultimate 6-Puck Ceramic Street n' Strip Clutch Kit (Stage IV)
    • Anodized aluminum vacuum blocks
    • Oil catch can and breather filter
    • Rear brake line locks, TCI Roll-Stop x2, wired to horn buttons (horns removed)
    • Switches and indicator lamps mounted in-dash(boost, aux fuel, scan-tool power, rad fan)
    • OTC 4000e scan tool mounted to dash, OBD extension cable routed to engine harness
    • Gauges- Auto Meter ultra-light boost/vac 30psi & pyrometer, Dawes Devices air/fuel ratio
    • Coil Spring Set- 1" Lowering, Eibach Pro-Kit
    • Koni struts
    • Drag Slicks- 24.5"x8.5"x15", M&H Racemaster (never used)
    • Wheels for Slicks- 15x6.5" Daytona Crab Wheels
    • Front Wheel Studs, Long, Mopar Performance (required for slicks)
    • Wheel Spacers- 1/2" FWD Performance (required for slicks)
    • Wheels- Daytona Shelby 16” Pumpers

    The Good

    • See Vehicle Specifications
    • Several spare parts and extras included:
      • Complete 2.5l common block TI engine (no turbo, rebuildable)
      • ’91 A413 automatic transaxle (less than 10,000 miles since being rebuilt)
      • '89 2.5l TI SMEC (not modified, fully functional)
      • '89 2.2l TII SMEC (socketed with stock EPROM, voltage regulator under-charges)
      • Complete ‘89 TI engine harness
      • Replacement outer lower window seals (used, good condition)
      • Replacement door seals (used, good condition)
      • Gray “DAYTONA” cargo cover (good used condition)
      • 2 working Chrysler “Navigator” modules with extra replacement buttons
      • Working Systems Check module and harness from ‘84 Laser XE
      • Working Voice Audio Box and harness for systems check from ‘84 Laser XE
      • Working Infinity II tape deck
      • Working Infinity slave CD player with bracket and cable
      • Complete set of Infinity speakers with attached amps
      • TONS of Daytona and Laser ads, posters, and models. Really large collection
      • All 3 factory service manuals and several Haynes/Chilton manuals
      • Special Tools: Timing belt installer/tensioner and 5-bolt crank pulley puller
      • Willem EPROM programmer and UV EPROM eraser (use with D-CAL or CHEM)
      • ‘89 analog instrument cluster
      • ‘84 digital instrument cluster
      • ‘85 Shelby Charger instrument cluster
      • New NGK GR5 spark plugs
      • New NTK (oem) oxygen sensor
      • 3 New distributor hall-effect pickups
      • Good used distributor
      • New parts- front parking brake cable(Mopar), hatch glass seal (Mopar), front control arm bushings(Mopar), intake gaskets(FelPro)
      • Inner door handle trims, lower door window seals, door seals, window frames, speaker grilles, sensors, fasteners
      • Several more various Turbo Dodge parts

    The Bad

    • Body is pretty rusty with lots of paint peel; perforated floorboards, rocker panels, quarter panels, doors, and hatch.
    • Smoke is expelled from exhaust and the engine breather filter, smells like burning oil. Engine passes compression and cylinder leakage tests, but blow-by symptoms are there. Worst case- engine needs cylinder boring and larger pistons & rings. Best case- engine needs cylinder honing and piston rings.
    • Engine oil pan gasket leak.
    • OTC scan tool sometimes takes a few on/off cycles to power-up, but it works fine.
    • 4th gear grinds when downshifting from fifth, transmission is healthy otherwise.
    • Though interior is complete, it is worn with some damaged components.
    • Right Koni strut exhibits fluid leakage from the adjustment valve.
    • Tires are really old, but don’t have any cracks and have a lot of tread.

      I couldn't attach any pics- see photos here:
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    Re: 1989 Daytona C/S- heavily modified, tons of extras

    First $2,500 takes it all. I'm either going to disassemble & part-out the car or fix the blow-by this winter if it doesn't sell.

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