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Thread: 1989 Dodge Spirit V6 5 speed

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    1989 Dodge Spirit V6 5 speed

    Date: 06th August 2016
    Username: Fox
    Full Name:mark dombroski
    City, State, Zip: Scranton PA
    Contact: pm
    Selling or Wanted Price: 2000$ obo base price or more depending on whats included


    just putting it out there. feel free to pm me for pics or offers .etc
    i don't need to sell just have alot of cars and don't want to let it sit

    1989 dodge spirit Le

    clean car some rust on door lips nothing bad very good for the northeast some dings on the top
    originally a 2.5 turbo/ auto car - crank windows, manual mirrors , manual seats, manual locks
    ride is rough previous owner cut the springs i think, should be mopar performance springs though
    3.0 v6 swap 70k on engine have records from doner car - it was parted from a crash
    new clutch and resurfaced flywheel about 2k miles on that
    unknown miles on the trans -bought from junkyard told it was low looks to be in nice shape
    (rare 89 small engine mount plate uses custom 6 rib serpentine belt routing with 89 style tensioner)
    no a/c just missing the parts the wiring is all there
    91 3.0 v6 harness swap with auto sbec currently, need to wire in reverse light switch if wanted and rear defrosters
    3" exhaust with cat and resonator
    walbro pump in tank

    price is determined by what parts are on the car,

    i have the stock wheels or enki 17"s with new tires
    big brakes 11" vented or 10" solid
    shelby steering wheel adapter and dino wheel or stock steering wheel
    custom built radiator with fan shroud or stock radiator
    holset he 341 turbo (for future turbo v6 ) +330
    begi rising rate regulator +150
    trailer hitch, probably keep this unless buyer wants it on the car
    604 auto with 70k miles, if for some reson auto was prefered
    other stuff im forgetting....

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    Re: 1989 Dodge Spirit V6 5 speed

    Fun looking car, GLWS!

    Dont push the red button.You hear me?

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