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Thread: SDAC-Dairyland Chapter Thread

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    SDAC-Dairyland Chapter Thread

    Yes, that's right there's a new kid in town. The Dairyland Chapter, based in WI.
    We officially became a chapter in Oct of '14, and have grown quite nicely since then.
    Didn't know how many people in WI were actually into the Turbo Mopar and Shelby cars.

    Most people can find us on Facebook @ SDAC-Dairyland
    Or there is a Google (Group) E-mail list: just search SDAC-Dairyland

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    Re: SDAC-Dairyland Chapter Thread

    SDAC WI! Woo Hoo!
    Benji Farr
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    Re: SDAC-Dairyland Chapter Thread


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    Re: SDAC-Dairyland Chapter Thread

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