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Thread: Staggered H2O/Meth injection

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    Re: Staggered H2O/Meth injection

    Zin, I'll post part numbers or pics of parts with their boxes with numbers; both the pump and accumulator are off of ebay; the other parts too for that matter.

    Great question Mike M, and Rider thanks for that pdf where at the end it says "Pure methanol displays a much more moderate behavior" as compared to diluted methanol. Out of safety, with the pump and reservoir inside the car, I was not going to run any mix greater than 50%. So . . . . . after Marra's input, now I'm rethinking the precompressor spray. Maybe limit it to distilled water? Straight water, after all, is far better than methanol at heat absorbtion/charge cooling but it IS nice to add fuel via methanol.

    I've been dreaming of running tests with the twin probe pyrometer that I bought from Asa Cannell's to see how much temp reduction each jet does or does not provide, especially to see how much/whether the pre-turbo jet is worthwhile. I've drilled and tapped the Ramerati intake manifold and the high side its A/W intercooler to see what it does too. I also want to use those 1/8th NPT ports to check pressure differential in that intercooler and to compare it to the giant Spearco A/A that's in this GLHT.

    Maybe there's a water soluble top end lube - Castor? - that can inhibit intercooler corrosion? I sent an email asking that question to a racing fuel/castor oil dealer that I know. Probably good for the pump, solenoid valves, and the engine too. But castor is tricky stuff, don't want a clogged jet!

    Pics - Two solenoids, tank, 100 feet of poly hose with .6" ID - not 50 feet - .6" x100 feet = 1.45 gallons so system total at least 2 gallons, jet holders, and poly tube label.
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    Re: Staggered H2O/Meth injection

    I just bought 5 gallons in an old race can from a methanol Sprint car team. They have top end lube mixed in so the stuff is pink. I don't know that I would keep mixing that stuff in as I would probably get refills from a larger supplier. I am running Pre turbo right now on my daily
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