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Thread: 2.5TBI on a 2.2TBI computer

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    2.5TBI on a 2.2TBI computer

    I'm racing a 2.2TBI dodge shadow in Lemons this weekend, and I want to bring a spare motor, since the TBI motors do not have a reputation for reliability (apparently they like to throw rods when under extended load). I had a 2.2 motor picked out, but I was about to go pick it up and I found out that the engine won't spin freely. Sounds like a bad sign to me.

    They say they have plenty of 2.5's in stock. Can I run the 2.5 with the stock 2.2 computer, or should I try to pick up a computer as well?

    If I have to buy a computer, how do I know which computers will swap in directly? Judging from it sounds like any 2.5 TBI computer from 1990+ should work.


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    Also the yard said they have a 2.5 spirit that I could get the computer out of, but it's AT, and my shadow is MT. Any chance this will work?

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    Re: 2.5TBI on a 2.2TBI computer

    Do you already have an oil accumulator? If not, i'd spend the money on that instead.

    If you're going to put a 2.5 in, just buy the computer to go with it. The 2.2 computer will run the 2.5 lean. I did it on the street for years without breakage but the car was way down on power (it would pick up a ton if you tricked the computer to richen it up). Jyards around here charge $32 for a computer.

    Not all the computers are the same because at some point the fuel system went from 14 psi to 40 with a different injector and a different computer calibration to go with it as far as i know. I forget which year this happened, but since 2.5 tbis are so common you can probably just get a computer from a same-year car to your 2.2.

    Running a 5spd car on an auto computer is no problem. That's how almost all of my 5spd cars have been run.

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