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Thread: 1985 Dodge Omni Turbo "dead stock"

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    1985 Dodge Omni Turbo "dead stock"

    Date: 27th July 2013
    Username: 91dodgespiritrt (This is not my car.)
    City, State, Zip: Monroe Township, New Jersey 08831
    Contact: 732-824-2371.
    Selling or Wanted Price: $2300
    Description: Dodge Omni GLH turbo

    I spoke with the owner as I inquired about parts. Chevy guy with an interest in early 70-73 and 80s Camaros. The GLH turbo that he is selling - is - in his words - "dead stock" with some vacuum line issues. He definitely wants the car (in his words) "to go to someone who knows what it is", and "knows what to do with it", so there may be some negotiation wiggle room but you'd have to ask. Car has a red interior - I think he said it needs back seat. Location: North Jersey/Monroe Township.


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    Re: 1985 Dodge Omni Turbo "dead stock"

    is that an 87 glhs in the background of the one picture?

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    Re: 1985 Dodge Omni Turbo "dead stock"

    Good eye! I think you're correct!

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