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Thread: '94 Jeep Cherokee Tuning

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    Re: '94 Jeep Cherokee Tuning

    Good to know, hopefully we can get this to work

    There's the mpt2boot.txt you requested. Let me know what else I can provide.

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    Re: '94 Jeep Cherokee Tuning

    Quote Originally Posted by wowzer View Post
    the reason is that the sbec2 routines were never completed!!! if i recall rob L was only focusing on the Fcc chip at the time so the chipID program never knew what to expect for values that would be returned from the routine on the sbec2 chip. i would suggest the following:

    1) in setup/program settings make sure the default ecu is sbec2. also set "log ftdi port activity" to true.
    2) run the flash program. it will fail but it should write to the log what the id was that it got back from the ecu.
    3) post up the mpt2boot.txt file and we'll go from there. based on that data i'll send you a version with that code loaded in.

    i know rob L had updated the fcc flash routines but don't know if he updated the sbec2 routines also. they use different ram addresses as well as differences in the delays, etc. taking a quick look at the sbec2 flash code i don't think it will work since mptune waits for certain confirm bytes after each 64 bytes are downloaded to the chip ram as well as after the 64 bytes are programmed to the chip.

    Rob L really needs to confirm what needs to be done to get the sbec2 working. it's possible after you get a valid chip id that you could backup the old sbec2 flash routine, copy and rename the fcc flash routine and change the memory locations in the .lst file to what they need to be. remember i'll need to update the code for that id first.

    waiting for rob L.................. :-)
    I think the only thing that needs to change is the chip ID code, and the size of the ROM file. Should be easy to do and then just use the ECUFlash program you made.
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    Re: '94 Jeep Cherokee Tuning

    356 cal reverse assembled and mostly identified.. for those interested. No template file yet.

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    Re: '94 Jeep Cherokee Tuning

    I like !!

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