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Thread: Johnny "Bag-a-donuts" Spiva/Polybushings is AWESOME!!!!

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    Johnny "Bag-a-donuts" Spiva/Polybushings is AWESOME!!!!

    Yep, "Johnny Spiva" might sound like a Soprano's character, but he is a top notch, real life provider of great great products and great service from his company "Polybushings." Somehow he found a way to get bushings to me on Monday that he shipped on Saturday. AND HE'S ALL THE FRIGGIN' WAY ACROSS THE COUNTRY!!!! Guess he made the shippers an offer they couldn't refuse! BADA-BING! FAHGEDDABOUDIT!!!!

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    Re: Johnny "Bag-a-donuts" Spiva/Polybushings is AWESOME!!!!

    Post office always does a great job for me.
    There is a little OLD store 8 miles from me that has a small post office in the back and it is open Saturday mornings.
    Great stuff for great cars! Poly engine mounts and bushings at:

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    Re: Johnny "Bag-a-donuts" Spiva/Polybushings is AWESOME!!!!

    Yep, Johnny's da man.
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