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Thread: 1989 TURBO Dodge Caravan - Ultimate Sleeper!

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    1989 TURBO Dodge Caravan - Ultimate Sleeper!

    Date: 16th February 2013 <br>
    pkepneriv <br>
    Full Name:
    Paul Kepner <br>
    City, State, Zip:
    Rowlett, Tx 75089 <br>
    Paul Kepner <br>
    Selling or Wanted Price:
    $2,000 <br>
    My van is a very rare 1989 Dodge Caravan with the factory Dodge Daytona TURBO engine in it. The van is all factory but very fast. The body is in excellent condition with no rust and the interior looks brand new as you can see from the pictures. The entire fuel system from gas tank to engine has been completely redone. Every bit of rubber has been replaced, fuel tank vatted and cleaned, new fuel pump, and filters. The paint on the hood and roof are faded. The heat and A/C work very well. If you do not know about these vans look them up on Google and you will be surprised. I am asking $2000 obo. The body does not have any rust on it at all except for some slight surface rust on the leaf springs on the rear and a couple of other suspension pieces. The body does not have any dents or damage on it anywhere. The paint is all good except for the hood and roof as I stated and it has 150,000 miles on it. I have not driven it on the main roads or highways yet because it is an extra play vehicle and I haven't had time to finish everything before getting it tagged and inspected. I do drive it around the neighborhood quite often to keep everything running good. The inspection is out of date but the registration tag is current and up to date on it. The tires all hold air and are in decent shape. Here are a few pictures of under the van. If there is anything else you might want to know please let me know. Feel free to call, text, or email<br>
    Paul <br>
    [URL="; title=&quot;2012-09-18_14-25-19_945 by pkepneriv, on Flickr&quot;> [URL="; title=&quot;2012-09-22_17-36-30_713 by pkepneriv, on Flickr&quot;> [URL="; title=&quot;2012-09-18_14-22-17_349 by pkepneriv, on Flickr&quot;> [URL="; title=&quot;2012-09-19_22-05-31_314 by pkepneriv, on Flickr&quot;> [URL="; title=&quot;2012-09-19_22-05-13_639 by pkepneriv, on Flickr&quot;> [URL="; title=&quot;2013-02-03_09-19-14_727 by pkepneriv, on Flickr&quot;> [URL="; title=&quot;2013-02-03_09-19-30_782 by pkepneriv, on Flickr&quot;> [URL="; title=&quot;2013-02-16_13-16-10_715 by pkepneriv, on Flickr&quot;> For those selling, a photo showing the items you have for sale/trade needs to have a piece of paper with your username and date included in the photo. The above details are not optional. This is to protect buyers... just put yourself in their shoes.
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