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Thread: Ford rear diff tool for 9.75

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    Ford rear diff tool for 9.75

    I have rebuilt these diff's before with out the tool i made, it was so hard to get the spider gears back into the carrier with out it. I thought of an idea to help me out and it worked perfect and it was so simple.

    There is so much force on the side gears caused by a concaved washed this little tool spreads the side gears out ward to install the spider gears, then put the trans in park and install one axle with the tool installed. Line the spider gears up and use a big pry bar to rotate the axle untill the hole for the diff pin lines up with the gear and remove the tool

    Not sure if any body has these diff's in there ford 150/250 or not, replacing the steel's and fibres will stop the chatter when turning.

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    Re: Ford rear diff tool for 9.75

    Cools stuffs, I bet some of the types of diffs and mods we mess with could use something similar for certain things.
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    Re: Ford rear diff tool for 9.75

    SMART stuff,
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