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Thread: Two 1987 Plymouth Turismo/Duster's for Sale

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    Post Two 1987 Plymouth Turismo/Duster's for Sale

    I have two 1987 Plymouth Turismo's for sale. One Was totaled and is a parts vehicle,other can be fixed. Both vehicles have very low mileage on them 63K and 66K. Vehicle that can be repaired starts when battery cable is played with,and the low beams arent working only highbeams,all new headlights replaced but cannot figure it out still.Doors need to be replaced due to rust on the bottom and no handles. Part vehicle should have everything to repair the other and has replacement handles if needed. Any questions please contact me via email or phone. 1-248-238-0671
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    Re: Two 1987 Plymouth Turismo/Duster's for Sale

    How much you want for them?

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    Re: Two 1987 Plymouth Turismo/Duster's for Sale

    Pics? I think I may have seen these on craigslist.

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