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Thread: Important fuel pump replacement tip!!!

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    Re: Important fuel pump replacement tip!!!

    The submersable fuel line is available at Napa Part number H209. It is made by Gates. It is approx $20 a foot and comes in 1 foot pieces. Check the prices if you have more than one Napa because it varied by $10 between stores in my area. If you go on Gates website for the hose they show it being used on a caravan pump assembly. Another tip I have is buy good USA made clamps. I have had good luck with Ideal clamps, The ones that come with many pumps are cheap clamps and they tend to strip very easily.

    One thing about the Walbro pump is I had the pressure relief valve go bad on mine causing the fuel pressure to drop all of a sudden. Pressure was fine at idle and would raise to 68 PSI where it would all of a sudden flutter and drop below 50. This caused a lean missfire / backfire. I verified this by putting the pump in a bucket of water.
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    Re: Important fuel pump replacement tip!!!

    I would want to be sure I used stainless clamps inside the tank, because of ethanol content.
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    Re: Important fuel pump replacement tip!!!

    I ordered mine off amazon for about 20 bucks shipped. In case anyone doesn't have a napa near by or likes online shopping like me.

    Received it in 2 days!

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    Re: Important fuel pump replacement tip!!!

    I'm putting in a 255 walbro, and a FWDp fuel rail, so I wont have a dampener anymore. Will removing this make my fuel pump obnoxiously loud? Not that its a big deal the exhaust is going to be louder but I'm just curious.

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