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Thread: Rampage Turbo Fuel Pump

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    Rampage Turbo Fuel Pump

    On a turbo rampage conversion....

    Can you use a stock rampage fuel tank,with an single external fuel pump?

    If so,which brand of fuel pump would supply enough fuel pressure for a 2.2 turbo?

    Would a GLH turbo external fuel pump be enough pressure,or is it designed to be used in tandem with the in tank unit?

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    Re: Rampage Turbo Fuel Pump

    You only need the intank stock turbo pump if your combo is mild or a 255 if you want to make some power down the road. You can't really just run an external pump unless it sits lower than the tank as electric pumps are pusher's not puller's and don't work very well pulling.
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    Re: Rampage Turbo Fuel Pump

    I was told that a in-tank turbo pump will not work on a rampage,because the opening is a different size.

    So I thought an external pump would be possibly the best choice.

    How does everyone else do it....if they do not have the shelby charger fuel tank?

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    Re: Rampage Turbo Fuel Pump

    I would think any fuel injected l body tank would suffice with a turbo pump. That would be my first choice.

    For your current tank, a we've run a few carbed l body tanks with external pumps with no issue. One was a 12.0 charger, the other was is a mid 11 second omni. Both cars autocross regularly also. Not positive on what pump was used though. It works, but i do like the in tank pump set up better

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    From experience, you can use an external pump to convert a carved l body to turbo, but I've had problems with fuel starvation on mild turns at less than 1/4 tank of fuel, and hard cornering at less than 1/2 tank. I've also had fuel starvation issues with launching with less than half tank.
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