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Thread: Fuel delivery issue, quick fuel rail Q.

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    Fuel delivery issue, quick fuel rail Q.

    On a 2 piece fuel rail, the last cylinder to recieve fuel is #1, correct?

    I'm having issues with the cylinders getting progressively leaner as they go #4-richest #1-leanest. Something is screwy, and I wanted to verify this as I make a plan of action to find the problem.

    I'm not running some wild high HP setup, just 14 psi. I beleive there something wrong in the pump or lines. Already swapped a different filter in. Just waiting to find a long enough hose for the FP gauge so I can tape it to the windshield on a test drive.
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    Re: Fuel delivery issue, quick fuel rail Q.

    You are correct but that isn't your problem. The fuel rails can support 350 whp with no mods. I would check your fuel pump, sounds like its on its last legs. Also double check your reg, you will know whats up the moment you hook up your fuel guage.
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