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Thread: My v6 Drag Week build

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    Re: My v6 Drag Week build

    I think this belongs in another thread.....VIGO powers activate!

    My daily spirit was originally an a604 car. It was pretty darn decent 15.48@88mph with very basic mods (home depot CAI, 58mm tb, ported plenum, hacked off exhaust). Downside was that exhaust changes hurt off idle performance. I don't think it makes sense to worry about hat since the converter will flash beyond that with a lil more throttle.

    a 10:1 build with cams would be fun. Not sure how it would feel in an auto.

    Vigo has Joe Sirianni's old cams, and I have his cylinder heads (they were stock except valvetrain). He did 315whp on 15 pounds with ebay turbo with Megasquirt and was out of fuel. Put in bigger cams and maxed out his fuel on less than 8psi. He was able to rev over 7k rpms which does change fuel injector demands. He never tested out much rpm range stuff post cams as running out of fuel pretty much killed the project.
    1992 Duster 3.0 The Junkyard- Now - Megasquirt II/Extra. OEM 10:1 3.0 + funny business
    - Old - 11.5@125 22psi $90 Stock 3.0 Junk Motor - 516whp 519wtq 20psi 91 oct built 3.0 stock n/a computer
    1994 Spirit 3.0 - 12.3@113 15 psi - Daily Holset He341 280whp 304ft/lb @10psi
    1994 Spirit 3.0 a670 - Wife's - Disassembled
    1990 Spirit 3.0 E.S. 41TE
    1993 Spirit 3.0 E.S. 41TE
    1994 Duster 3.0 A543
    1990 Lebaron Coupe 2.2 TII non IC, T1 31TH
    1981 Starlet KP61 Potential driver, 1981 Starlet KP61 Parts, 1983 Starlet KP61 Drag
    1998 Dodge 12v Cummins 47re 4x4 4dr longbed. No fuel plate. Mack plug, AFC & Spring mods. Boost elbow.

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    Re: My v6 Drag Week build

    Quote Originally Posted by lightbulb010 View Post
    Thanks for the update! I'm also glad to see that it's still around. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only 6g7x guy left around here.
    Yup, still around. My daily driver is my '91 Spirit with a 12v 3.0V6 and a turbo... My son daily drives a '94 Shadow 3LV6 w/A604. Got it cheap because of the failing paint. Had to fix a few things (flush the radiator, splice in new PRNDL position switch, replace the starter) but since then it has been very reliable...

    For an update, last night I bolted most of the 6g74 engine back together that will go into my son's car... Looks like the reduced dish of the XG350 pistons offsets the increased combustion chamber volume of the 6G75 heads!

    Given the unseasonably warm weather, I plan to disassemble, hone and clean the 3.8L (6G75) that will go into my Shadow... Cleaning a block in near freezing weather is not fun so it likely need to be soon or spring...

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