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Thread: Scatter Shield - Reeves Racing/Creative Fabrication

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    Re: Scatter Shield - Reeves Racing/Creative Fabrication

    just checked in to say I did receive my shield, and yes I'm part of the USPS destroyed the box too but everything important was accounted for. As for fitment onto the 568, minor touch ups were done like rounding off corners but where it got notched for fitment to the upper diff area, it was 1/4" to long so I had to trim it. Also for those with a 568 with a huge front boss you will have to trim off a 1/4" off that boss so the shield clears and sits flat to the mounting points. I would suggest anyone that is going to powder coat or paint their part, to test fit it first, in case you need to trim or round off some edges, unlike my dumb --- that didn't do that cause I was tired and it was really late last nite but i'm making the push to get my car back out this year. All in all James thank you for the time you took to do this group buy, my plate is so full and I have too much to do, that having this already done for me is HUGE , thanks man !!
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    Re: Scatter Shield - Reeves Racing/Creative Fabrication

    I apologize for having to round off an trim on the shield for fitment. I hadn't heard that before. I'll take note. Thanks.

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