for sale one Beautiful Black all Leather Bucket Seat with all Electric full Seat Controls and Lumbar Controls! for $300.00 plus I can ship it for $60 I Bought a full Wiring Harness with all the Plug-ins that cost me $45.89
it is Awesome to Sit in fits Like a Glove i,m a Fairly Large guy but when I Sit in this i,m so Comfortable! with an a adjustable Headrest also!
I Bought this Seat for my ford interceptor for $500.00 but it would be a pretty big job for me to modify it to fit as i,m a Disabled guy and I really wanted it in Because when I Sit in this seat it feels so Awesome! and the Seat in my CVP71 is hard on my bad back.. I don't know how Cops sat on these for 10 hours a Day.. but I have a Frame Rail along the side of my car and it is major surgery for this model to fit which Broke my Heart
I use to be able to modify things on cars but not these days! this Seat Would most Likely Be able to be bolted in to most cars and trucks I Would have just Drilled holes and some Silicone and new Bolts/nuts..
it is a Nissan Altima Seat from a Wrecked Car that only had 12,000 miles on it fits 04-08 but most handy guys can modify this to fit any car mine just happens to have a stupid frame Rail and a stud and two bolts sticking out of my floorboard so i,m sol the Bracket holes measure about 18' wide by 17' long
this seat is in "MIN" Condition Like a new Seat if you ask me that would Cost about $1,450.00 to buy from nissan
here's a photo Link [URL=""]
also here