The other day driving to work with my friend, the CEL light came on while driving down the road. 2006 Dodge Ram with 65,000 miles on it. 5.7 Hemi. Scanned for codes. Got P0700 - code in trans computer, and P0750- LR solenoid fault. Cleared the code at work. On the way home the CEL came back on before we even pulled out of the parking lot at work. Sounds like an issue with the low/reverse solenoid in the trans? Anyone know anything about this? I never work on Dodges lol. I've replaced many solenoids in Ford trucks trans, but never Dodge. Alldata basically says it's an electrical fault. Seems to be a hard fault as it came right back. I'll check the wiring and go from there. How hard are solenoids on these?