First off, Mods please relocate if this isn't the correct spot for this discussion. I didn't see a forum for intro's. Thanks!

I've been away from the boards for the most part, although I thought the site was the one with most of the old crew from SDML, i find most of them are here. So I figured it was about time to return and re-register.

So the quick low-down. Wayne Hemingway formerly from MA, then southern CT, now near Raleigh, NC. Former member of SDML, SDAC-NE, SDAC National, former long time racing buddies and friends with the NE chapter including Gus Mahon, Gary Donovan, Seth Prentiss, Bill Baker, ButchN, of course my little brother Dan, and many others.

Some may already know this but after Gus' tragic accident it was unclear what would happen to his turbo Mopar legacies. At that time, he had three, Blacky (the black Spirit turbo, 5spd that was mostly the daily driver), Slugmobile (if i need to explain this car to you, I feel bad for you!), and Mean Mini. Slugmobile couldn't be driven by Gus' wife Dolores. So it became clear that was going to be sold. After the family discussed their options, they made a decision on who to sell it to. I was selected. It took just over a year for the probate to clear the property and Gus' son Danny was able to sign the title over.
Slugmobile has been a daily driver since then. Although in the heat of the summer in NC it is sort of torturous to drive her in summer, she is still driven nearly everyday! She is about to undergo a major maintenance overhaul for suspension, steering, brakes, wheel hubs/bearings etc. No performance mods, just normal maintenance of long overdue items.
Mini on the other hand, was still capable of being driven in full auto tranny mode, so Gus' wife kept her for use. Mini never saw much use, but was still cared for. She had been parked under a shelter since one was built at the house, but the paint has still fallen prone to the "Mopar peel" .
Several trips home over the years and visiting with Dolores and Gus' daughter Tanya, I would always see Mini sitting there. Dolores would talk about selling her, and she even eventually settle on a buyer. I'm not sure who it was, but he was a big turbo mini guy in Ohio or somewhere? (you are probably reading this, so chime in! ) Anyway, she would always end up talking herself out of it. I know how difficult it must be to let some major possession of a lost loved one must be. But, when she finally came to terms with it, the buyer's situation had changed, and was unable to purchase due to some mounting medical costs. (I hope things are better now.)
On one recent visit like earlier in the year or so, I told Dolores if things didn't work out with the sale, i would be interested and may be in a better position to help. When i again visited over the summer, she offered the van to me, and it was a pretty emotional time for both of us. I truely feel like they consider me family, and it is an honor to be the caretaker now of both Slugmobile and Mean Mini.

Mini had sat for pretty much the last 5 or so years, and for the last several had not even been registered. She wouldn't immediately start, since a dead battery, and the battery wouldn't jump. Fresh battery and then she fired up but wasn't happy. She was "idling" at 3000rpm. We did eventually check her out, give her the once over and then my brother Dan and I were able to move her from CT to his house.
From there Dan has done a ton of maintenance work to her to revive her back to her glory days. She has been treated to several new parts, complete new front suspension, strut assemblies, poly control arm bushings (from where else but, all new brake lines/hoses, ball joints, tie rods ends (in and outer), tune up with new Taylor Thundervolt wires/cap/rotor/plugs (NGK Iridiums Gus would call me foolish for spending $5/each for spark plugs! but i have them on the PT, and wanted to try them.)

I have a kitchen full of other parts for her, and she will be treated to a fresh paint job in the factory color. The plan is to get her back to racing shape, and get her out on the track where she belongs. She deserves to finally run her 12's. The last setup of the van looks like Gus intended on just racing street tires at only about 20psi boost. Mini also has a completely emissions legal exhaust WITH a catalytic converter.

I'm currently up in MA right now, and will be driving Mini home from the trip. I may try to plan on stopping at Cecil County Dragway, to meet with some of you. It's been a long time, and I'd like to try and be more active on the boards once again.

I really do apologize this post is so long. But thanks for reading if you got this far!
Here's a link with pics just taken of Mini:

Wayne H.

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