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Thread: Official BC Coilover Kit Development Interest.

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    Unofficial BC Coilover Kit Development Interest.


    I have floated the idea out there a few times about selling BC coilovers.

    These are a far superior design to the coilovers that we currently have available. The big advantage is that when they are lowered the shock body actually goes into the mount and doesn't lose ANY travel. Aditionally they can be valved to take pretty much any spring we want. 12k (675lb/in) springs are no problem.

    My unofficial Frankenstein kit progress has been slow and after talking to the owner he said he wanted to consider an official kit but I need to be able to show that we want enough kits to do it!

    There would initially be two different kits:



    GJKHPA body.

    The kits would be $1000 shipped and would include:

    Front Struts
    Rear Shocks
    Front and Rear Springs
    Spring Hats/Adjusters
    Bottom Spring mounts (non lbody)
    Dust Boots
    Front Camber Plates! (yes they are included in the $1k price but they don't currently offer caster adjustment)

    It would be basically everything you would need to bolt them to the car. The only non true bolt on component would be that lbodys would have to use the GJKHPA spindles so we don't have to make custom strut mounts.

    The shocks would be BR type:

    Let me know if you are interested I need to get 5-10 people for each body style. So far I think off the record about 4-5 people have been waiting for me to get this done some for each body style.

    It would take a month or so to get it done and I would also need a deposit of $100 or so to make sure you are serious.

    Lets make a sign up list to see if we can get it done.


    1) Badger (Rampage, fronts and rear when avail).
    2) DOHCRT
    3) 4cefedomni (Rampage, fronts only for now).
    4) omni_840
    5) black86glhs
    6) rx2mazda
    7) 30 PSI SHADOW (Rampage, fronts only)

    Non Lbody:

    1) Badger
    2) turboz523
    3) DOHCRT
    4) Austrian Dodge (fronts)
    5) csxtra
    6) 88 C/S
    7) MoparBCN

    I will post some pictures of my prototype kit shortly.


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