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Thread: Garage Clean-Out: 8v and 2.0/2.4 Parts

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    Garage Clean-Out: 8v and 2.0/2.4 Parts

    Cleaning out my garage, to make room for other things.
    All prices are OBO and SHIPPED from 1230 Vienna, Austria.

    I'll take pics of most of the stuff within the next days, but some 8v parts are in my grandfathers garage couple hundred miles away, so it could take another month to get there and grab them.

    -) 1500 miles used Melling high volume oil pump incl. pickup tube with MP high pressure spring kit, no damage to it whatsoever! $50.00USD

    -) Euro Oil to Water Cooler - fits common blocks, mounts between block and oil filter $55.00USD

    -) new complete set of Mopar Performance 11mm Head Bolts - $30.00USD

    -) 8v TURBO Valve Cover, powder coated red, 1-piece gasket (i'll include it, should still have a brand new one) - $50.00USD

    -) another 8v Valve Cover, Turbo I - $30.00USD

    -) complete set of TII rods (2.5 pistons mated to them) stock bolts, stock bronze bushing - $75.00USD

    -) 1-piece Intake Manifold - will give away for just shipping costs

    -) two Aux. Shafts from running '92 2.5 TI engines - $25.00USD each

    -) A/C Compressor out of '92 2.5 - $60.00USD (might have two of each)

    -) '92 2.5 A568 Turbo I SBEC 2 - $150.00USD

    -) '89 2.2 Turbo II SMEC - $75.00USD

    -) original Mopar Super60 SMEC (from the Bolt-On package) - $85.00USD

    -) never used Brian Crower SRT4 +1mm SS Exhaust Valves (Part#: BC3165), 29.5mm (+1mm single groove keeper) - $120.00USD

    -) 2.0 Neon alum. Intake Manifold, sandblasted and painted - $75.00USD

    -) brand new '04 2.4 Timing Belt Tensioner (Mopar Part#: 4884320AA) - $70.00USD

    -) brand new '04 2.4 Mopar Idler Pulley (Part# 4777394) - $30.00USD

    -) brand new '04 2.4 Mopar Water Pump (Part# 4667660AE) incl. Gasket - $80.00USD

    -) '96 Caravan 2.4 Power Steering Pump, pulled from running 140k miles running car - shipping is $40.00USD, if you just cover that, it's fine.

    -) '96 Caravan 2.4 Upper Intake, used the lower part for my custom 2.4 Intake - will give away for just shipping costs

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    Re: Garage Clean-Out: 8v and 2.0/2.4 Parts

    Try a pm to Holley in England and Swiss Daytona in ????

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    Re: Garage Clean-Out: 8v and 2.0/2.4 Parts

    Hey Andy,
    didn't know you had a blow-out sale going on i guess i'll take the oil pump... and MIGHT be interested in the SBEC2, depending if there's ever gonna be support for it, read: not right now
    gimme a ring on the weekend if you get a chance. greetz

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