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Thread: The Ugly Old Omni @ Irwindale dragstrip

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    The Ugly Old Omni @ Irwindale dragstrip

    Once again The King of Cheap Speed pleases the crowd by dusting a duster!! It's the second race, so you dont have to bother watching the rest of the vid (especially since the camera man only likes ricers/imports).

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    Re: The Ugly Old Omni @ Irwindale dragstrip

    Cool, thanks for the posting the vid.

    That Boyd, yeah, just call him "the quiet one, the teacher."
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    Re: The Ugly Old Omni @ Irwindale dragstrip

    DD's 1992 Lebaron Sedan 3.0Auto 1993 Acclaim 2.5T1-A520 Hoard parts now!

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    Re: The Ugly Old Omni @ Irwindale dragstrip

    Nice! That makes me excited for Mopars at the Strip...

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