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Thread: Hot Rod Drag Week

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    Re: Hot Rod Drag Week

    These events are NOT all about "winnning". You don't have to have the absolute fastest car in your class to have a GREAT time!!

    Also, if you are interested in placing well, it is an average of your quickest passes at all tracks, IIRC.

    The top dog will be DEEP in the 7's - rumors of maybe 6's this year! If it was all about winning, no one else would even bother showing up!!! (disregarding different classes, of course)

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    Re: Hot Rod Drag Week

    Quote Originally Posted by prepared View Post
    Oh, and the one Drag Week event I spectated at had ALL the forced induction cars siphoning out all their gas and replacing it before making their passes. One centrifugal car also drove in without a belt or piping to the 'charger!

    It must be possible to have a street tune and a race tune for pump gas/race gas. Just swap SMEC's if necessary!
    I don't even change tunes! I just keep my foot on the medium volume level.

    Quote Originally Posted by BadAssPerformance View Post

    THAT would be awesome. Hmmm... hmmmm....

    I can change cals in a couple mouse clicks... never tuned on 93 tho, LOL! guess I would have to add a dump valve on the fuel cell tho ...
    It would be AWESOME!!! And on the fuel thing...what I've done in the past is just put a good clean drain pan under the fuel outlet fitting and loosen it up till the tank is dry! real vacation left after Pinks in Norwalk and the Chrysler Classic in Norwalk and Hullabalou.....

    I could swing some unpaid days if I had the money...

    or....cough, cough....I could feel ill....cough, cough.

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