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Thread: Wire gauge conversion/adding up.

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    Wire gauge conversion/adding up.

    As a part of rebuilding the alternator/negative battery cable harness I want to replace the junk battery terminal. Factory configuration has 3 leads coming out of it.

    10 gauge lead that splices into grounds for the computer
    8 gauge going directly to body ground.
    6 gauge ground that goes to the alternator, a/c comp, cylinder head.

    Delcity has these really nice tinned solid copper battery terminals that crimp or solder on link here that closely match the original terminal in appearence and function.

    My question is. what would 10 gauge, 8 gauge and 6 gauge wires equal/add up to ? so I dont order a terminal thats going to be way to big or way to small for those wires to fit into it.


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    Re: Wire gauge conversion/adding up.

    the smallest one there is going to be too big, another problem is that wire size isnt the same from brand to brand, I bought Napa 2 gauge one time that was more like 4 gauge, the 1/0 I buy in rolls is more like 2/0 compared to other companies I have seen. You might be close with the 1/0 terminal

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    Re: Wire gauge conversion/adding up.

    the table was a failure just go here
    and there is a table that converts from gauge to diameter

    just convert it to diameter then add it up. then convert back to gauge

    edit: I did it for ya those three gauges by the american wire gauge add up to .38 inches. 3/0 is .4 and 2/0 is .36. but this is all AWG its what its supposed to be and who knows how your wire measures up

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