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    My 91 Spirit R/T

    Figured I'd make a page like everyone else.

    This is the car when Joshua Mitchell had purchased it September 25, 2007 with a cool 115K miles.
    Pictures are from Joshua's website;

    The thread of when he purchased the car is HERE!
    Also, his build thread for the car, HERE!

    Rest in Peace my friend.

    I purchased the car from Joshua January 16, 2009 with a little over 125K miles. I met up with Joshua and Jeremy(iTurbo) in Aurora, CO at Pull N Save Auto Parts & Recycling Center January 17 to exchange ownership, and some used parts shopping!

    The trip was great. My oldest son LOVED driving in the Mountains, and got even more excited to see Little Town(wish they'd have been open for him). I took these pics when we stopped to look at Little Town...

    My wife, oldest son and I stayed the night in Denver. The next morning I started getting our things back into our cars, and was still in shock when I opened the door of the room and saw my R/T. It is one of my BEST buys in the last 5 years I've been into TMs. We got held up, checked out and headed to see Wallace at LoneWolf Performance(Awesome guy to eat and hang out with). After a few hours of hanging out with Wallace it was time to get the family home, which ended up being about 1AM.

    When I woke up I spent a good part of the day with my new car. Took a few pics, swapped out the snowflakes for a set of stock Neon SRT-4 wheels and tried to stay warm.

    Couple days later I swapped the TiAL for the Turbo XS RFL. Cleaned the K&N filter. And added a Autometer boost gauge and steering column pod(Thank you Jackson).

    I went out and took some better pics of the R/T with it's new shoes!

    Most recently I had pulled the engine and transmission out to clean the engine bay up. While I was trying to clean the dirt/oil mix I found out that brake cleen was also removing the sprayed on paint. This was GREAT, so I drove to Wal-Mart purchased some more Brake Cleen and went to town getting the black with flakes paint off. I finally had removed enough to paint 1/3 of the engine bay to see if I wanted to keep it white or change it to a gloss black.

    Black won.

    I end up stopping there for awhile do to work, family, life. The car had sat long enough for me to not know when I'd get back to it so I drag it to the back yard and throw a car cover on her with the drivetrain in my building(read shed lol).

    Well some time past and I get to messing around in my building and I spray a spare intake manifold black. Now I have to put it on the engine and see what I think when it's mocked up. While that doesn't do much good when the valve cover's are throwing the appearance off, so the valve cover's get sprayed.

    That sealed the deal. Car was going to be murdered out!

    I start getting a game plan ready and start saving up to get the list of stuff purchased. Well I lose my job. So it's now doing what I can with what I have.
    I start with spraying her with the paint I had left over from when I sprayed the engine bay.

    Now I'm out of paint, so she seats like this for the time being.
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