Ok so here is the deal..my car is a 90 shadow T1 with an auto, i socketed the SBEC myself to use with the ostrich and of course this didnt work. But then there was hope because Quantum was making the chip converters so kids with SBECs could use an ostrich. Anyways I got one from the first batch and my car still didnt run, the fuel pump wouldn't pressurize and my tach and narrowband gauge would jump all around. I sent the converter back to him and he repaired it and sent it back to me.

Got it today and Popped it in.... my gauges didnt jump around and the fuel pump pressurized, i was so excited, the converter must now be good. Then crank crank crank and wouldn't start. Checked the plugs and they werent really that wet so it wasnt flooded. I then checked the two leads on the coil with the volt meter and got 0V...so somehow im not getting any spark to even the coil.

Also the only cal i could get to even pressurize the fuel pump was the 90_25_T1_atx_577.bin file that i found on this site somewhere. any other cal that i was messing with in chem wouldn't even do that...

Any ideas guys?????