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Thread: 1986 Shelby Charger

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    1986 Shelby Charger

    Make: Dodge
    Model: Shelby Charger
    Year: 1986
    Mileage: 102,xxx
    Options: P/S, Heat, non working A/C
    Mods: Pro-Boost boost controller, everything else is stock
    Engine: 2.2 TI single cam turbo engine non-intercooled


    The 2nd gear synco is non existent right now. So there is no 2nd gear. But all the other gears still are in working condition...lol I still drive it everyday from work, school. I just skip 2nd and go straight to 3rd.

    NO RUST. I have pictures of the floor boards if wanted.

    Many many new parts are on this car. Too much to list. Of course it's a 23 year old car, there is going to be flaws here and there. But most of all the electronics work perfectly.

    Seats are in good shape. But the headliner needs to be replaced. For a 23 year old car, it's in decent shape.

    The stripe are fading. Paint is decent on the fenders, doors and quarter panels. I'll let the pictures speak for them selves. Tires are in great condition.

    Drive train:
    I already touched basis on the trans. Although it does have a new TII clutch. But the engine on the other hand has been rebuild 10k miles ago. It runs great. The Standard T3 turbo is in great shape, no smoking, non of that failing tell tell signs crap.

    Since I need a more reliable car for work and school. I will give all my extra parts to make the deal more appealing.

    -I have almost a COMPLETE spare interior for this car. From door knobs, cluster, bolts, everything you can think of. Even some NOS parts.
    -I also have a spare side skirts, gauge cluster from my old 83 Shelby.
    -AND I will give the buyer a spare 2.2 engine that came out of my 83 Shelby. The block is usable, but the internals are not. I believe I still have the A525 from that old car. The condition is unknown, most likely usable SO maybe you can swap out the damaged one with the spare one?
    -And I have all four service manuals from dodge. Plus a Chilton manual.
    -1 piece intake manifold
    -I have more spare parts I can't think of now...

    If I get my asking price...I will throw in another spare Shelby front seats and rear seat.

    If your nice, have good mannerism towards the car's future and serious about the sale I will let you have a New Dawes Device Fuel Cut defender.
    Maybe I'll let you have the new Auto Meter Cobalt Boost gauge also??
    Maybe a new Flowtech 3in muffler?

    As you can tell I need this car gone.

    I took the car the track a couple months ago, and my best time was 14.8 @ 93 mph. With a good driver, another trans the car will do that again.

    PRICE: $700

    PM ME

    Warner Robins, GA


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    turbo addict
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    Re: 1986 Shelby Charger

    Will it make a 6 and half our drive to Florida?

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    turbo addict
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    Re: 1986 Shelby Charger

    I PM'ed you btw

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    turbo addict
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    Re: 1986 Shelby Charger

    Consider it sold... Ill PM you

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    Re: 1986 Shelby Charger

    Bump. Im still driving it....
    No willing to trade for a Lancer, csx, mini van? If needed I can add cash for your vehicle...

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    Re: 1986 Shelby Charger

    Please check your Email and PMs.
    thanks - Andy

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    Re: 1986 Shelby Charger

    Bump still have it. Will be more lenient on the price offers

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    Re: 1986 Shelby Charger

    Also willing to trade for something ugly within the turbo-mopar family. lol Doesn't have to be turbo'ed. But I still have dreams of owning a ugly, turbo-mopar, sleeper.

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    Re: 1986 Shelby Charger

    Quote Originally Posted by WalkingSoftly View Post
    Doesn't have to be turbo'ed.
    You interested in a good running daily driver? I have a 106k mile 1994 Spirit with a 2.5 TBI/auto. EVERYTHING works. AC blows cold! It has power locks and aftermarket cd player.
    Kevin Isenberg
    EVERYTHING is for sale!

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    Re: 1986 Shelby Charger

    Thanks Mrcsx55!!!

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