87 lebaron, white/blue, good top, great interior, runs and drives awesome, tons of new parts, 2.2 T1 turbo, set at 12psi, only mods are adjustable boost controller and dynomax turbo muffler, brand new toyo tires on stock 14"alloys, car only has 68000 miles on it, no rot or rust anywhere, needs cap/rotor/plug wires to be perfect, still runs fine but has a slight skip once awhile at idle and contacts inside cap are a little worn, that and its the only thing i havent done to the car.

mostly looking to see what the interest would be, ill get some pics tomorrow if i feel like digging it out of the snow, still have to send the title out to get it in my name but i do have it and its clear, i dont even know where to start for a price, $2200???