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Thread: Additional Smilies Links (Possible Suggestion)

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    Additional Smilies Links (Possible Suggestion)

    Here are some links of additional smilies that I found. This site seems to offer quite a number of them and it would be really neat to have all of them available on here as well. But, if not, it's all good. Just figured I'd post them up for the heck of it haha...

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    Re: Additional Smilies Links (Possible Suggestion)

    I am going to revist this one after the first of the year. Those are some great smiles.

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    Re: Additional Smilies Links (Possible Suggestion)

    I am all for smilies, but you get too many then its a pain, look at BM, theres way too many, there cool, but way too many, lol!

    The only one I want is the laughing dude from BM.
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