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Thread: 88 Shelby Z for sale

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    88 Shelby Z for sale

    Whats up chicago folks, My name is Billy Dean and used to be a member several years ago, bought a handfull of cars from paul fosen back in the day.
    I am back trying to get rid of an 88 shelby z with a brand new motor/turbo/clutch

    The engine has been rebuilt less than 500 miles ago.
    bored .20 over and decked
    brand new $400 pistons
    new crank
    new turbo w/2.5" swingvalve and ball type boost controller
    new rods
    new oil/coolant lines
    new clutch
    new monster intercooler
    adjustable fuel pressure regulator
    new shift cables
    stage 5 computer
    New super 60 injectors
    3 bar map sensor
    Brand new BFG flame tread tires on 17 inch wheels
    new axles
    alcohol injection
    all new engine gaskets
    dual 2.5" sidepipes for exhaust
    HID headlights
    I have spent a couple thousand building this motor and have lost interest. I have barely driven the thing since built

    The bad:
    No interior behind front seats, nor is there a center council
    One of the headlights gets water inside but still works
    Idles rought due to insane calibration but she sure will run down the street!
    Passenger rear caliper is stuck open.
    The car needs a really good cleaning $1500 OBO (well below cost of the build)
    I broke a shift cable yesterday taking it around the block, so either bring one or a trailer

    I need the cash really quick so...
    email me at
    or call 815210 zero three four eight

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    Re: SDAC-Chicago Thread

    Are you still into turbo mopars at all? It would be a shame to see you get out of them. But understandable when you have more important things.
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    Re: 88 Shelby Z for sale

    Posts moved to forsale section.
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    Re: 88 Shelby Z for sale

    Hi Billy, long time no see!

    Sounds like a good deal, I'll forward it to the SDAC-Chicago e-mailing list too

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