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Thread: TM is now the only forum for TU contact/support

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    Exclamation TM is now the only forum for TU contact/support

    Some of you may have noticed that TU is no longer a vendor at I would like to make the facts clear as to why this has happened before false rumors propagate on the message boards.

    Back on October 8th, 2007 we noticed an article in the recently added FAQ Section that contained a photo taken directly from the TU website. Since the photo was being used without our permission we kindly asked the owner, RickP, to remove it from his site. RickP responded to us stating that he had contacted the owner of the article and that the owner had told him that the photo was obtained from another site and not the TU site. The photo was clearly ours and included the same backdrop as many of the other products on our site. Rick then asked why we allowed the photo in the Knowledge Center but not in the FAQ Section. We went to the KC and found the identical article on their site with a note below the photo from the author giving TU credit. The note was omitted and a stamp was added to the photo when the article was copied to RickP's site. I then emailed the author of the article and he stated that RickP had never contacted him about the photo or requested permission from him to copy his article to the FAQ Section of It was around this time that owners became aware of TD.comís unauthorized acquisition of itís KC and all hell broke loose on the message boards. I confronted RickP with the authorís email and informed him that I didnít appreciate being lied to. I also made it clear that I did not support the fact that RickP blatantly copied T-M.comís KC and the fact that did not support SDAC. As far as TU is concerned, Barry Goodall and SDAC is what keeps this community alive. If it werenít for the leadership of Barry and its members, this community would not exist the way it does today. If there was no SDAC who would TeamShelby contact to invite the Turbo Dodge vehicles into the family? SDAC benefits every one of us here now and in the long run. RickPís lack of support clearly shows that his interests are purely monetary and not for the preservation of this small community.

    A staff member recently informed me that they will not be accepting my renewal as a vendor on They included my email correspondence with RickP and stated that I was not happy with, when in fact I only have an issue with the unethical behavior of its owner RickP. All the tech posts and photos TU provided over the years were removed and are now unavailable to members. From this point forward TU will be focusing on restoring the lost tech data on as we will no longer be providing free advice on the website. TU does not believe in aiding a website that is more concerned in making money then it is in preserving the very community that supports it.

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