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Thread: Forum use, please read before posting here.

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    SDAC Forums use, please read before posting here.

    This forum is for your use if you want to ask questions about the Shelby Dodge Auto Club.

    From time to time we may post general news or info about the club here also. But please keep the posts here about the club in particular.
    If you have a private question about SDAC, you may PM or email me. My email address is

    There are 3 other forums in the Shelby Dodge Auto Club group:

    SDAC Chapters forum is for info on club chapters.
    If you have a question about a chapter or are trying to locate one near you, please post it there.
    If you are a chapter member or officer and want to post info about your chapter (like meeting schedules), please post it there.

    SDAC Events forum is for info about SDAC events and SDAC chapter events.
    While notice of SDAC Chapter meetings may be presented in the SDAC Chapters forum, discussion of them (such as who is going to an upcoming meeting or event) should be in the SDAC Events forum. Alternatively, the Events, Racing, & Results! fourm may also be used to post news or plans of Chapter events, and may in fact get more exposure there.

    SDAC Members Only forum is for just whom it says.

    If you are an SDAC member, you are invited to join the Members Only forum. Please note, only SDAC members that have been approved to join the SDAC Members Only forum can see the threads and posts there. They are invisible to anyone else.

    To be able to see, read, or post in that forum two things must be done:

    First you need to be a member of the Shelby Dodge Auto Club, if you have not joined SDAC you can go to the following website to join

    If you are not an SDAC member in good standing (dues paid up), access to the SDAC Members Only forum will be denied.

    So, if you are an SDAC member, then:
    Go to your User CP
    Scroll down to Group Memberships and click on it
    The SDAC Members Only group should be shown, click on it to apply for admission.
    Be sure to put your name in the comments area, as I may not recognize who you are by your screen name.

    I will be sent notification of your request, and will check to see if your membership is current. If so, you will be granted access to that forum.

    This is the only way access to that forum can be given. Because of limitations of the board software, I cannot add anyone to that forum group manually.

    Finally any thread may be moved to the correct forum at any time if it is believed to violate either the spirit or letter of the SDAC forum use guidelines listed above.

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    For your questions about SDAC, please contact BadAssPerformance

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