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  1. General Re: Daytona Front Bumper Cover Reinforcement

    Correction....OEM part # is 4720811

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  2. General Daytona Front Bumper Cover Reinforcement

    In need of a front bumper cover reinforcement for my 89 Shelby Daytona. I believe the OEM part number is 4515069.


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    Throttle Body

    Going to replace my 46mm stock throttle body with a 52mm one on my new ported intake. With that being said, do I use the sensors that came on the 52mm or swap them out with the 46mm ones?
  4. Re: Post your interest in having Chris do another run of the TU Cast Header

    I agree, it would be nice to be able to order it either way or have both patterns pre-drilled as mentioned above. I have one of the headers and did not realize when ordering that it would need to...
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    General WTB: A-Pillar T-Top Trim

    Looking for the passenger side exterior A-Pillar windshield trim for a T-Top Daytona.
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