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  2. 2003-2005 Dodge Neon SRT4 Production Numbers

Complete break down of the Neon SRT-4 production numbers by options, colors and special editions.

Specific Colors

PYH = Solar Yellow w/Clearcoat (feature color for 2003, 127 2004's were built in PYH to use up paint/parts)
PB5 = Electric Blue w/Pearlcoat (feature color for 2004)
PVK = Orange Blast w/Pearlcoat (feature color for 2005)
PW1 = Stone White w/Clearcoat (feature color for 2005.5 with ACR)

Standard Dodge Brand Colors Ran All Years

PR4 = Flame Red w/Clearcoat
PS2 = Bright Silver Metallic w/Pearlcoat (replaced with PW1 in 2005.5 when ACR production started)
PX8 = Black w/Clearcoat


CGS = Side Airbags
GWA = Sunroof
ARL = Kicker Stereo
ACR = ACR pkg
ACC = Commemorative Edition

Production Numbers

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